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Spring SAVY 2013 Week 3: Survive and Thrive

Posted by on Monday, February 25, 2013 in SAVY blog.

Spring SAVY 2013 Week 3:  Survive and Thrive

Dear Parents,

This week we began by reviewing our personal life cycles we that we did as homework last week. We then explored the life cycles of a plant, frog, and butterfly.  We watched National Geographic videos and discussed how the process is cyclical.

Next, we hypothesized about the life cycle of our mealworms.  Most of the children thought that they began as eggs and then hatched into worms.  Then, they thought that the worms grew bigger and produced eggs to repeat the life cycle.  Imagine their surprise when we read that they grow from egg, to larva (worm), to pupa, to adult (Darkling Beetle)!  I sent home more observation forms for your child to continue to record the changes they will see in the mealworms. Lastly, we began the discussion of what people, animals, and plants need to survive.  The children brainstormed potential needs for plants and then designed an experiment to test their hypotheses.  Each child took one part of our experiment home, along with a plant observation form.  The plants are labeled either “No Water” or “No Light”.  The children decided that the “No Water” plants should receive sunlight but no water over the course of the next week.  The “No Light” plants are to receive water but no sunlight.  We will observe the “No Soil (Food)” and “No Air” plants during class next week.

See you next Saturday!