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News for Spring WAVU 2013

Posted by on Thursday, November 8, 2012 in professional development.

Fall WAVU was a blast, but it can also be a little bittersweet. We had nearly 80 students for this round of WAVU, but there were a lot more who wanted to attend. Every class was full! We are a bit restricted in housing and classroom space when the university is in session, but it turns out that next spring we have a little more “wiggle room” than usual. So here is what we are going to do to hopefully help more students attend Spring WAVU 2013.

  • We are adding a class!
  • We are announcing courses earlier! That way you can hopefully make your plans a bit more in advance.
  • We are also taking applications earlier! Stay tuned, because you will be able to download applications from our website later this month.
Some very excited WAVU students

That’s not all! There is just one more secret we have to share with you, but we are not quite ready to do it yet. Most of our ducks are in a row, but not all of them. We will send a “tweet” and post to Facebook when the last one “quacks.”