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SAVY Spotlight – Road to the White House

Posted by on Friday, September 7, 2012 in news, SAVY blog.

“Calling all future Presidents!”

© Greg Dale/National Geographic Society/Corbis

Is your fifth or sixth grader plugged into politics and enthusiastic about elections? If so, we have the course for you! This fall, SAVY is excited to offer Road to the White House, an academically advanced class focusing on US government and the electoral process. For six Saturdays leading up to the presidential election, your child will:

• Create campaign ads
• Analyze poll data
• Design their own platform
• Participate in mock debates
• And more!

Instructors: Road to the White House is co-taught by two of our talented past Vanderbilt Summer Academy staff members. Amanda is a second-year Vanderbilt law student, while Jordan is a national Congressional campaign veteran.

For more information and to apply today, visit the SAVY website.

P.s. The other day, one of our Program Coordinator’s, David J. Dunn (Ph.D.), had a quick chat with one of the course instructors to talk about some of the things your kids will be doing in class.