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In class today…

Posted by on Wednesday, June 20, 2012 in professional development, VSA Blog.

Yesterday, a few students from Identity in the 21st Century wrote talked about what they’ve been doing and learning.

“I’ve learned so much already, and its only the second day. So far, we’ve talked about gender identity, feminism, and reasons for masculinity. It’s really cool because it’s the kind of stuff you don’t get to learn about in school.”

–Jordan C.

“Yesterday in class we learned everyone’s name. After that we went over what we were going to be doing during class. We began discussing differences between gender and sex, and went over the origin of [the concept of] gender. We have continued this sort of discussion into day 2. Yesterday we (the students) went through our text books and chose subjects that we would be interested in learning about. These will be used to design the remainder of the course.”

– Ruthy B.

“Yesterday…We learned the many basic gender stereotypes and some of the blatant sexism that’s usually not noticed even on public television. We had multiple opportunities to discuss and express our personal opinions on the topics we discussed. Overall, I am highly enjoying this class and the high level conversations and debates we hold.”

– Dan W.