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PTY Online Academy – June and July 2020 Program Options

Status: Accepting Registration Requests for Session 3 & Session 4

With the cancellation of Summer 2020 Vanderbilt Summer Academy (VSA), our residential programs for rising 7th through 12th grade students, Programs for Talented Youth transitioned a select number of Vanderbilt Summer Academy courses to online course experiences during the months of June and July.

Students who previously enrolled in VSA or who are new to Programs for Talented Youth are welcome to submit a registration request for this online experience. More information about this experience, including information on how to submit a registration request, is found in the sections below.


The online course sessions are scheduled to run for the following sessions. Course descriptions for each session may be viewed by clicking the link in the above section:

PTY Online Academy 2020
Session 1: June 1-12
Session 2: June 15-26
Session 3: July 6-17
Session 4: July 20-31



Each class will meet live and online from 10:00AM to 1:00PM CST each morning (Monday-Friday) of the session and the instructor and teaching assistant will be available online in the afternoon for office hours/support. There will be work and social opportunities outside of the online times.

Description of Experiences

The morning session is online and live with the instructor, teaching assistant, and other students. Each class will be capped at approximately 18-20 students. The afternoon consists of offline independent and small group continued learning options (i.e., reading, writing, investigations, discussion boards, optional activities) and opportunities to engage with your instructor and teaching assistant through online individual and small group conferences. Optional online evening social events each week will be available for you to engage with peers.

This summer academy is not the same as our on campus experience and we do not presume in any way that this will replace the in-person experiences. However, our online experience still serves an important purpose in our mission of developing talent and your development of expertise. Our online experience offers you the opportunity to interact with content experts, have planned social time with other classmates, and continue learning something new in an area of interest.

Technology and Materials Requirements

Internet speed: Many online video conferencing platforms, which will be utilized for live morning classroom experiences, have specific bandwidth requirements. Typically, an internet speed of 1.5 megabits per second (mbps), for both upload and download speeds, is needed on these platforms. If you would like to test your internet speed, you can visit:

Device: It is recommended that students have uninterrupted access during live class times to a laptop computer, desktop computer, iPad, or tablet for classroom experiences. Students should not use a mobile device. Windows, Mac and Chrome OS Operating Systems are compatible with all courses.

Class Materials: In addition to a computer, most class materials required will be typical classroom supplies (e.g. pencil/pen, notebook, graph paper, ruler, calculator) and are provided by the student. Any specific materials (e.g. book, downloadable documents) will be provided by PTY. Some classes may also require free software to be downloaded. This information will be provided before the course begins. Any required texts will be sent to a student’s home address as listed in their SchoolDoc account. Please make sure your SchoolDoc profile is up-to-date with the correct mailing address information.


The cost for the online two-week course will be $550 per course. Tuition payment is due on June 30, 2020.

Once you submit an online registration request through the survey link at the bottom of this page, Programs for Talented Youth will be in touch within one week of the request submission. If we are able to confirm availability, we will ask for eligibility information (see eligibility section below). If we are able to determine eligibility and place you in the course, you will receive a statement through our online platform (DocNetwork) concerning tuition. You may pay tuition online or through check.


Students who test around the 95th percentile on an ability test or in at least one content area on a standardized achievement test are eligible to participate in a PTY Online Academy course in their area(s) of strength. We accept many standardized achievement or ability tests including, but not limited to, the following: PSAT, SAT, ACT, CogAT, TCAP, ERB, Stanford Achievement Test, OLSAT, Woodcock Johnson, WISC, state-standardized testing. Out-of-level standardized assessments are also accepted. While scores around the 95th percentile are typically a strong indication that PTY Online Academy is an appropriate curriculum match for a student, feel free to contact the PTY office ( for questions about scores that do not meet these criteria, as alternative documentation may be acceptable. Students without test scores should work with their schools to obtain documentation of their advanced learning potential.

Note that you can submit a registration request without uploading any eligibility documentation. Once you have submitted your request, if PTY has availability in one or more of the courses you are interested in taking, PTY will follow up with you on steps for uploading your test scores.

Financial Assistance for Online

Please contact our office ( for information about financial assistance options.

Cancellation Policy

If PTY is able to confirm enrollment for an online course option, you will receive a notification. You may cancel online enrollment at any point before June 30, 2020 for a full credit or refund.

Interested In This Unique Opportunity?
Click here to submit an registration request for PTY Online Academy!

*Note: PTY works with DocNetwork/SchoolDoc (an online third party provider) to collect and process student registrations. Even though you are completing a registration request, an online profile in DocNetwork will be created for you using the information you provide in this request. SchoolDoc and VU staff will have access to registration information as needed and the site is encrypted and password protected. You will receive an email with instructions on accessing your online account and setting up a password once this registration request has been processed. If placed in a course, you will also have the option of completing required forms and paying tuition through the SchoolDoc account, if desired.

By submitting a registration request you give PTY permission to load your information into the SchoolDocs account.