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Summer SAVY, Session 3 Day 5, The Road to the White House (3rd – 4th)

Posted by on Friday, June 28, 2024 in blog, SAVY.

We began today by going over our learning from the week and discussing the exit ticket from yesterday.  The students have been so engaged and excited about our learning this week.  Their discussions were very advanced and demonstrated an in-depth understanding of the processes for their age. 

After that, we hosted our debate! For our class, we had three political parties formed each with their own candidates.  The journalists crafted thoughtful questions on “Education.”  Each candidate was given 1.5 minutes to respond.  I was so proud of each student.  I cannot express how impressed I was by the creative thinking and well-spoken responses that were given. 

During our snack break, the students were able to vote one at a time anonymously on a computer.  After our break and the next lesson, I showed the students the pie graph of our results.  Then, we had our inaugural address.  Again, all three candidates did so well, but one was chosen with a 59% majority win. 

This process allowed students to have a hands-on experience with the political process.  Following our election, we also completed our SAVY survey and post-assessment.  I truly believe this group of students will have a lasting understanding of the process involved in electing a U.S. President, as well as the importance of the Electoral College and how it changes the outcome of some elections. 

I did provide one final exit ticket even though I will not see your students tomorrow.  Please discuss the following prompt with your student: After an election, the country needs to come back together as one.  How can the newly elected President help unify all Americans?  Why is it important for a good leader to bring our country back together? 

Have a wonderful summer!  Thank you again for the opportunity to work with your student.  This was an amazing week. 

Dr. Dunlap