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Summer SAVY, Session 2 Day 3, Biology of the Body (5th – 6th)

Posted by on Wednesday, June 19, 2024 in blog, SAVY.

Hi Parents! What a wonderful Thursday! Our amazing biologists hit the ground running today with our investigations into the skeletal, muscular, and circulatory systems. We researched the major organs and functions of these systems and recorded our findings in our human body journals. We collaborated within our groups and with other groups to compare our research. We then started to investigate how these systems worked together. The biologists led a very intelligent class discussion about all the research that we collected and gave constructive feedback to each other. The journal work of their research is amazing, and I am so proud of all the effort that went into its creation! We then learned how to check our pulse for our afternoon lab. 

After lunch, we prepared for our outdoor jump rope lab and teamed up into small groups. We took a lab recording sheet, jump ropes, stopwatches, and of course, water bottles in our shady area to begin the procedure. The small groups took turns jump roping for a certain amount of time and then checked their pulse. They recorded this 3-4 different times. We compared our pulses and had a class discussion about how this related to each of the systems we learned about today and how they work together! I loved their enthusiasm to share their data with the class! We also watched a short video on diseases related to these systems and had time for questions and answers. 

Key takeaways from today:

  • Exploring complex and simple systems in our everyday lives and comparing/contrasting them to our bodies
  • Using problem-solving and critical thinking skills to investigate and research particular organ systems and their functions
  • Measuring and checking our pulse through physical activity

Some dinner table questions: 

  • How do simple/complex systems that we can observe outside compare/contrast to the human body?
  • Why is it important to understand our bodies? 
  • How do all organ systems work together to form an organism? 

Hope you have a wonderful evening!! 


Shelley Jenkins