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Summer SAVY, Session 2 Day 1, Forces of Nature (3rd – 4th)

Posted by on Monday, June 17, 2024 in blog, SAVY.

Our first day of Forces of Nature: Wind, Energy, and Engineering is starting strong! We began the day with introductions, where we learned our classmates’ names and a few of their favorite things. Students were particularly enthusiastic about our “Technology in a Bag” activity, where they had the opportunity to examine and analyze examples of everyday technologies, such as hairclips, bungee cords, and headlamps. We even had a lively discussion about duct vs. scotch tape and why some glue sticks are purple!
Following this activity, we read a short story called, Leif Catches the Wind, where a Danish boy named Leif works with his cousin Dana to create a healthier pond environment for her pet fish. In the story, Dana’s fish are pumping their gills very hard, a problem that sends Leif into problem-solving mode. Throughout the story, Leif and Dana use the engineering design process to successfully create a windmill that powers a paddle, which will rotate to incorporate more oxygen into the water. Students concluded that this was a well-designed solution because it allowed the fish to breathe more easily.
After reading and discussing the story, students learned about the specifics of the Engineering Design Process and created concept generalizations about technology. Some concept generalizations that our class listed included the following:
  • Technology helps us with everyday problems.
  • Technology helps us work and learn more easily.
  • Technology improves and changes over time.
  • Technology uses different forms of power or energy to make it work.
It was an exciting first day, and I look forward to diving even deeper into the world of mechanical engineering tomorrow! Some questions for the dinner table could be:
  • What are the steps of the Engineering Design Process?
  • What can we say about technology in general?
  • How did Leif help solve Dana’s problem?
Have a wonderful evening!