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Summer SAVY, Session 1 Day 4, Encounters with Measurement (1st – 2nd)

Posted by on Thursday, June 13, 2024 in blog, SAVY.

Hello SAVY Families,  

Thursday brought new learning, discovery, and creativity to our SAVY Session. I could not be more proud of the mathematicians’ hard work today! 

To start our day, we continued working with liquid volume and capacity. First, we heard a story about “King Gallon.” This story helped us better visualize the conversion of standard liquid measurements. Your mathematician should be able to tell you this story! Then, a scenario was proposed where students had to plan how to make “Yummy Yeti Lemonade” for a class of 30 mathematicians and 6 adults. The SAVY mathematicians figured out that we would need 72 cups of lemonade for everyone to have enough lemonade to drink. Then, our class used what we learned about volume and conversion to find multiple ways to make 72 cups of lemonade. After we discussed the most logical approach to solving this problem, we repeated the process–this time for real! We made lemonade in our class, but first, the SAVY mathematicians had to determine the best way to make the lemonade. I was very impressed with how well the mathematicians worked together to determine the most logical way to make 32 cups of lemonade. At the end of the lesson, the SAVY mathematicians were excited to be able to drink what we created. To end our study of volume, the mathematicians became the teachers! Using volume measurements from colonial America, the mathematicians had to write their own volume conversion problem, and then they had to trade with a partner to solve the problem. Volume conversion is very difficult, so I was astonished at how well the SAVY mathematicians grasped this concept! 

In the afternoon, our final project was presented to the mathematicians. This culminating project will require knowledge from all aspects of our course this week. The biggest part of our project is that students will create a true-to-size Yeti using their own bodily measurements. We started this part of the project on Monday, so the mathematicians were eager to return to their work. The first requirement of the project is having a drawing done to scale of what their life-size Yeti will look like. I am eager to continue this work tomorrow and to see how the mathematicians demonstrate their thinking during our final project and presentations.  

Questions to ask your mathematician:  

  • What is the story of King Gallon, and how can that help you remember how to convert standard measurements of volume? 
  • What is volume? How did you use volume to measure out the ingredients for Yummy Yeti lemonade? 
  • What are you using as a benchmark for your life-size Yeti?  

I am looking forward to one more day of discovery and learning at SAVY Session One: Encounters with Measurement. Have a great night! 


Miss Gruchot