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Summer SAVY, Session 1 Day 3, Common and Practical Chemistry (5th – 6th)

Posted by on Wednesday, June 12, 2024 in blog, SAVY.

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the third day of SAVY 2024-Practical and Common Chemistry Carnival. Today, your child dove into the fascinating concepts of density and buoyancy.

We reaffirmed our class expectations by reciting the class creed.  The students have excelled in establishing a secure classroom and campus environment, holding each other responsible, ensuring all classmates feel appreciated and valued, and being willing to assist one another.  

The new concepts introduced in class today were density and buoyancy.  While reiterating the importance of the scientific method, students conducted the density tower experiment to determine which liquid would be less or more dense when compared to water.  Students were grouped according to their learning style or “smarts”.  Our logical “smarts” (those who enjoy mathematics) were delighted to configure the density of different liquids by using the math equation: density equals mass divided by volume.  While learning more about the principle of buoyancy, students built a boat with limited materials that would have the ability to float on water.  They will test their boats tomorrow morning.  A special prize will be given to the team whose boat can hold the most weight (pennies).  Ask your student about their boat created in class.  

In future lab activities, students will view the periodic table and determine its connection with density and the states of matter.

How You Can Support:

  • Discuss Today’s Activities: Engage your child in conversations about their experiments and observations.  Also, research why water is used when comparing the densities of other liquids. 
  • Encourage Scientific Curiosity: Explore density-related phenomena at home, such as layering liquids with different densities.  Also, at the end of each day, your child will receive a choice board on the topic discussed during the day.  The activities are voluntary.  If he/she decides to complete one of the activities, a prize will be awarded the following day.  Thank you for your participation!  
  • Reinforce Learning Styles: Help your child continue to use their identified learning styles in everyday tasks.

We only have two days remaining on our practical and common chemistry journey.  It has been simply amazing so far!  We look forward to another day of discovery and learning with the students.

 Ms. Alford and Ms. Omaya