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Full-Tuition Scholarship Opportunity – Fall 2020 and Winter 2021

The Tennessee Space Grant Consortium Scholarship

This scholarship is available for 3rd-11th grade students applying to STEM courses through PTY Online Academy in the fall of 2020 or winter of 2021.

What is the Tennessee Space Grant Consortium?

The Tennessee Space Grant Consortium (TSGC) is comprised of fifteen colleges and universities around the state of Tennessee, as well as two not-for-profit organizations. TSGC is part of the National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program, supported by NASA and all member and affiliate institutions. TSGC’s mission from the beginning, twenty-seven years ago, has been to promote space and science education on all levels throughout Tennessee.

Who is eligible for the Tennessee Space Grant Consortium Scholarship?

Students who show documented financial need and are interested in enrolling in STEM courses through PTY Online Academy are eligible to apply for the scholarship ($250) funded by Tennessee Space Grant Consortium. Ranking additional courses in your program application other than those eligible for the scholarship does not decrease your chances of receiving the scholarship. 

How do I apply for the Tennessee Space Grant Consortium Scholarship?

Programs for Talented Youth oversees the processing of all program and scholarship applications. Students/families must complete all if the following steps to be considered for this scholarship:

1. Complete the Scholarship Application

  • Make sure that you include a thoughtful response to the short essay question.
  • We are excited that The Tennessee Space Grant Consortium has been able to offer this scholarship to selected PTY Online Academy students. PTY appreciates the support and efforts The Tennessee Space Consortium has made to provide scholarships. The consortium may wish to announce those selected as scholarship recipients through their various communication platforms (website, newsletter, social media, etc). As part of the scholarship application, we ask that you consider agreeing to this release. Your guardian/parent will need to also agree to allow The Tennessee Space Consortium to publish information about you, including your name and hometown.

2. Complete the PTY Online Academy application for one or more sessions

  • Make sure to include a Financial Aid application since documented need is a scholarship requirement.
  • Make sure that you rank STEM courses (outlined in the scholarship application)!
  • Be prepared to pay the $35 application fee either when you apply or after you have learned if you receive the scholarship. The scholarship does not cover the $35 application fee. You may apply to multiple sessions of PTY Online Academy with one application fee.

Recipients are selected for this competitive scholarship based on the application, documented financial need, and submission of additional required documents as indicated in the scholarship and PTY Online Academy application. Successful scholarship applicants must also meet PTY Online Academy eligibility requirements, and rank/enroll in a STEM course for PTY Online Academy. Applicants are strongly encouraged to apply early, although applications are accepted until all spaces are filled and all scholarships have been awarded. Those receiving the scholarship will be notified at the same time they receive their admissions notification.

Is financial aid available for students who do not receive the scholarship?

Yes. PTY is committed to making programs available to academically gifted students regardless of a family’s ability to pay the full tuition. Therefore, partial, need-based financial aid is available, based on family income. The PTY application review process is need-blind and does not consider financial status. Students may apply for financial aid at any point in the application process. If you do not qualify for this scholarship, you still can apply for financial aid.

How many sessions can my student attend if they receive a full tuition scholarship?

Most scholarships will cover the cost of one PTY Online Academy course (a $250 value). However, some students may receive up to two full scholarships for fall 2020/winter 2021 programs. A student might receive a scholarship for one session and financial assistance for another session. Please note, receiving a full scholarship for one session does not negatively impact the likelihood of receiving financial assistance in the future nor does it guarantee receipt of the scholarship for an additional session. You only need to apply for the scholarship one time and will be considered for a scholarship for up to two sessions if you apply for a STEM class.

What STEM courses are eligible for scholarship use?

Session 2: November 8 - December 13

3rd and 4th grades – Creative Contraptions; Environmental Explorers
5th and 6th grades – Genetic Epidemiology
7th and 8th grades – Chemistry of Medicine
9th to 11th grades – Toxicology and Public Health

Session 3: January 11 - February 7

3rd and 4th grades – Biology of the Brain; Aquatic Ecology; Secrets of the Moli Stone
5th and 6th grades – Chemistry of Medicine
7th and 8th grades – Introduction to Cognitive Science
9th to 11th grades – Energy5; Microscopy of Nanomaterials

Session 4: February 8 - March 7

3rd and 4th grades – Spatial Smarts
5th and 6th grades – Neuroscience 101; Microscopy of Nanomaterials
7th and 8th grades – Energy5
9th to 11th grades – Intro to Cognitive Science; Science of Disease

Where can I find the scholarship application?

A link to The Tennessee Space Grant Consortium Scholarship application is located below. Please contact our office if you would prefer a PDF version of this application.